About DVC

Big and small jobs for contractors and homeowners. With nine plants located across the greater Delaware Valley region, and more than 60 mixer trucks on the road, Delaware Valley Concrete (DVC) has the production and delivery capacity to supply even the biggest jobs.

We have provided concrete for the construction of schools, hospitals, shopping centers, apartment complexes, manufacturing plants, highways and other major projects.

DVC also specializes in concrete for residential construction. And we even help do-it-yourselfers with small jobs like patios, steps, garden walls and decorative landscaping.

How we make it easy
How does DVC make your concrete work as easy as it can be? Simple. With the highest quality products and outstanding service.

  • Just one number to call. Because we've got our company communications down to a science, communicating with us couldn't be easier. Placing your orders, verify orders and collecting information is as easy as dialing our toll-free number: (800) 734-1000.
  • Your deadlines met, your schedule accommodated. With a centralized dispatch communications system, GPS technology that calculates delivery times with the click of a computer button, and a well-maintained fleet of mixer trucks, DVC has mastered the art of on-time deliveries.
  • Products that perform on the job. DVC products perform on the job, because we test them on the job. Our full-time, ACI-certified quality-control technicians assure the quality of our products at both the point of manufacture and the point of use.
  • Custom mix designs that meet your specifications. With computerized mixing technology, DVC can custom-tailor a mix that meets the specifications of your special project.
  • Easier, safer pours. Our front-discharge mixers and concrete pumps allow you to pour concrete with minimal labor and maximum safety.
  • Hard-to-reach jobs made easy. Of course, our pump trucks also allow you to pour concrete in places that mixer trucks simply cannot reach. And you won't need to hire a separate pumping service when you do business with DVC.
  • Homeowners welcome. Do-it-yourselfers are always welcome at DVC. We're even open Saturdays, from 7 to 11:30, to accommodate you. And we'll provide you with all the advice you need for your home-improvement projects.