Aztec Materials


DVC Concrete’s

Aztec Materials plant in Hammonton, NJ is a 600 acre complete wet and dry sand &  gravel plant.










Producing the highest quality screened sand and gravel.







All gravel is cleaned of it’s impurities at two locations in the process and separated into three separate sized stockpiles.









A continuous feed system.








Sand is cleaned washed and separated into specific concrete and masonry stockpiles.  Our onsite geologist monitors every aspect in the material production process.











Sand and gravel being produced at this plant is considered the highest quality in the world.






Aztec Materials monitored quality control is second to none.








Our environmentally friendly electric dredge is state of the art with the most advanced dredging features available.







Our Aztec Materials sand and gravel plant is maintained by skilled personnel with a dedication to producing the best product available in the market today.






When you think high quality sand and gravel think Delaware Valley Concrete and Aztec Materials